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You can create Page Templates in order to define and save map page elements such as size, orientation, and map elements for repeat use. You may also use Page Templates in conjunction with Map Production and design page templates in Designer. Map page elements are visible in the Layout view in ArcMap.

ArcFM stores page template definitions in geodatabase tables. Administrators can create system page templates that can be used, but not edited, by users. Users can create their own page templates. Both are created and managed similarly but differ how they are accessed. You can define and store an unlimited number of templates.

The Page Templates menu has three options: Save, Save As, and Manage. Save allows you to save changes in an existing open page template. Save As allows you to name and save a newly-created page template. Manage gives you the means to rename or delete existing page templates.

Create Page Template

This tool allows you to use map elements to design how your map looks when it is printed. You may create system page templates that are shared among all users who can connect to the geodatabase. Only authorized users can create or modify system templates. Any user may create a user page template, which is available only to the individual who created it.

ArcFM Note: You must be in ArcMap's Stop Editing mode to create Page Templates.

Designer Note: Design page templates may be saved during an edit session. If you are in Designer mode, ONLY design page templates (not user or system) may be saved.

  1. It is easier to create a page template in an empty document. On the Main menu, click View and select Layout View.
  2. Set page size and orientation in the File-->Page and Print Setup dialog.
  3. Add graphic elements such as a north arrow or a scale bar. You may add map elements by selecting them from the Insert menu.
  4. Click the Page Templates down arrow on the ArcFM toolbar to display the menu.
  5. Click Save As to display the Save ArcFM Page Template As window. If you select Save, the Save As dialog will appear because the page template has not yet been named. Page templates may not be saved during an edit session. You must first end the editing session, then save the page template. The exception to this is for design page templates (see above designer note).
  6. Enter a name for your page template.

  7. In the Type field, select User to create a page template available only to the user who created it. Select System to create a page template available to anyone who uses the geodatabase.
  8. Click OK.

    Your page template name will display immediately on the Page Templates drop-down menu. System page templates are separated from user page templates on the menu. In the following example, the page template at the bottom of the list is the user page template and available only to the user who created them. The six templates listed on the top section are system page templates.

    TIP: When printing, the page size in your Page Template (visible in the Layout view) must correspond with the printer's page size. If the page size of your Page Template is larger, the page will be clipped. It will not be tiled. To change the page size, view the Page Template in the Layout view. Right-click it and select Page Setup (or select Page Setup from the ArcMap File menu). Change the Map Size to correspond to the Printer Page Size and resave.

Manage Page Templates

Users can rename or delete user page templates using the Page Template Manage option on the ArcFM toolbar. Only administrators may rename or delete system page templates. The following steps describe how to manage page templates (rename or delete) using the Page Template Manage option:

  1. Select Manage from the Page Templates drop-down menu.
  2. In the Type field, select the type of page templates: User or System.
  3. Rename or remove the selection. This action immediately updates the Page Templates drop-down list. Remove All deletes all page templates shown in the window. If you are viewing system page templates and elect to Remove All, all system page templates are deleted. The user page templates still remain. Click Close to dismiss this window.

Open Page Template

If you have defined and saved page templates, you can retrieve them for use in ArcMap. When you open an existing page template, the map opens to the Layout view.

  1. Click the Page Templates drop-down menu on the ArcFM toolbar.
  2. All available template names will be listed. System page templates can be opened by users but not renamed or removed. System page templates are listed in the first category and user page templates in the second.
  3. Click the page template name you want to retrieve.
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