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The Compatible Unit Filter tool organizes tags into filters. To function, your Administrator must assign specific tags to each compatible unit (CU) using the CU Administration tool in ArcCatalog. The example below shows a tag filter named Electric Features that is composed of six tags.  

If you add (or enable) a tag filter, then you can select one or more tags from the filter's drop-down menu. In the example above the user selected Transformer, so the Results pane will display only those CUs that your Administrator applies the "Transformer" tag. 

NOTE: If the filter information is not visible, you may need to click the Filter Information link to display it.

Add or Enable Tag Filter

To add a tag filter to the list, click the green plus symbol. This allows you to add an existing filter to the list (Electric Features and Transformers tag filters have already been added in the example below). It does not allow you to create a new tag filter.

The checkboxes next to the tag filters allow you to enable or disable each of the added filters. In the example above, the Electric Features tag filter has been enabled and the "Overhead" tag selected. Consequently, any CUs in the results set will have the "Overhead" tag assigned. The Transformers tag filter, on the other hand, has been disabled. Even though the "Three Phase" tag has been selected, the CUs in the results set are not required to have this tag assigned. If the user selects the checkbox to enable the Transformers tag filter, then the results set will be modified accordingly.

You can either disable (untick the checkbox) a tag filter or you can click the Remove button (red X) next to it to remove it from the list. A removed tag filter may be added again using the Add button (green plus).

Select Tags

Once you've added a tag filter to the list and ensured it is enabled (it is enabled by default), you can select tags to filter the CUs or Favorites in the Results pane. Click the drop-down menu to display the tags available in the selected filter.

Select the checkboxes of the tags you want to use to filter. When multiple checkboxes are selected, the field displays Multiple.... You can use the Check All button at the top of the list to choose all tags in the list. All CUs with one or more of the selected tags will be included in the results set. Use the Check None button to deselect all tags in the filter.

Work Function Field

The Work Function field displays the available work functions. You can select a work function from the list to display all CUs that have that particular work function available. For example, a CU may have Install and Remove as its available work functions. So, if you select Abandon in the Work Function field, this CU will not appear in the Results pane. If you select either Install or Remove in the Work Function field, this CU is included in the results set. If you place this CU on the Targets tab, its work function setting will match the setting on the filter.

IMPORTANT: When filtering Favorites based on Work Function, all CUs in the favorite must have the same available work functions that the selection does to show up in the list.

Multiple Tags and the Results Set

If you select multiple tags from the same filter, all CUs with at least one of those tags are displayed. For example, if you choose "Underground" and "Overhead" tags from the same filter, then each CU in the results set will have either or both of those tags assigned.

If you select tags from multiple filters, a CU must have at least one selected tag from each enabled filter in order to appear in the Results pane. For example, if you choose the "Transformer" tag from one filter and the "Three Phase" tag from another filter, then only CUs that have both of those tags assigned will be included in the results set.

If you select multiple tags in multiple filters, each CU in the results set will have at least one tag assigned from each filter enabled.

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