View Conduit Configuration

This tool allows you to view the configuration of a conduit. Select a conduit and right-click it on the Selection tab of the Attribute Editor. Select View Conduit Configuration to display the conduit's configuration.

On the ArcFM Conduit Configuration screen, select a duct and click View Subducts to see the ducts placed within ducts. This button will be disabled if there are no subducts in the conduit's ducts.

The Up One Level button allows you to navigate from a subduct to the master duct. This button remains disabled if there are not subducts.

Click Close to dismiss the window.

You cannot modify conduit configuration on this screen. To configure conduits or edit existing configurations you must have a valid Conduit Manager license. Contact Schneider Electric for licensing information.

If you have a valid and enabled Conduit Manager license, the View Conduit Configuration tool will not be visible.

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