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The ArcFM Template Favorite Tool provides two edit tasks that save time when creating multiple features. In the Template Favorite Tool, you can select either Radial (star) or a Dot-to-Dot (construction point) edit task.

Create ArcFM Feature

This is the default edit task when creating a new template favorite. Select this edit task when simply placing features.


The Radial edit task is used with a template favorite and provides connecting spans (e.g., secondary overhead conductor) to several end points when the user sketches a single line. The sketch line connects the starting point (a transformer) to any number of end points (service points) radiating from the start point. This multi-part linear feature has n-1 parts where each linear feature starts at the start point and ends at points 2 through n.


Use the ArcFM Dot-to-Dot edit task to create a multi-part sketch that defines the location of features in a template favorite. Once the locations are defined, Dot-to-Dot automatically places the features on the map. Dot-to-Dot incorporates the ArcGIS context menu Sketch tools such as Length, Angle, Deflection, Absolute XY, and Parallel.

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