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You have the option of creating a composite favorite from the current diagram or a selected duct bank.

  1. Select the Create Favorites task in the Diagram Manager. This task allows you to create a diagram or duct bank as a system favorite or a user favorite.

  2. Select a facility diagram or duct bank using one of the UFM selection tools on the UFM toolbar.
    • Select Diagram selects the current facility diagram when the user clicks the button.

    • Choose Select Duct Bank and click a duct bank in the diagram to select it.

  3. In the Create Favorites section, the buttons enable according to what you have selected. If you have a facility diagram selected, two Create buttons will be enabled: Create Diagram Favorite and Create User Favorite. Click the first one to create the diagram as a system favorite or the second to create as a user favorite. If you do not have a diagram or duct bank selected, the Create buttons will not be enabled.
  4. If you have not created a favorite of the type selected (diagram/duct bank, system/user), you will be prompted to create a directory in which the favorite will be stored. Click OK to create the folder. If you click Cancel the favorite will not be created.

  5. On the Create Composite Favorite screen, type a unique description in the Description field. This is the name users will see when selecting existing favorites to create diagrams or duct banks.

  6. Click Create. Each time Create is clicked, another composite favorite is created.
  7. Click Close.

    All composite favorites are visible when the user has selected Diagram Favorites under Create Manhole Floor and Walls (for diagrams) or Duct Bank Favorites under Create Duct Banks and Ducts (for duct banks).

    You may edit or delete existing composite favorites and favorite categories in the Diagram Manager or in the Features tab.

    In the Diagram Manager, select Diagram Favorites or Duct Bank Favorites. You may also expand the System Favorites folder on the Features tab and find UFM composite favorites in the directories created earlier. Right-click the favorite and select Edit Composite Favorite or Delete. You may also right-click a favorite category and select Create Favorite Category, Edit Favorite Category or Delete. Right-clicking the favorite category also allows you to create a template favorite or create a composite favorite.

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