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As work requests and designs travel through their respective process flows, they are periodically re-assigned to different owners based on their status. For example, when a design is submitted by a Designer, ownership of that design is transferred to the Approval Officer. The same is true when an Approval Officer rejects a design and assigns it to a Designer.

Workflow Manager provides the functionality to manually re-assign work requests and designs to new owners without a change in status. This may be necessary if a Designer leaves for vacation before a design is finished and has another Designer complete it. The lucky vacationing Designer would change ownership of the design to the second, not-so-lucky Designer.

Workflow Manager adheres to several rules when changing the work request or design owner.

  • Only an Administrator or the current owner may change ownership.

  • The work request or design may only be transferred to a user who has the role necessary to view it in its current state. For example, a design that has been submitted and is Pending Approval may be assigned to an Approval Officer, but not to a Designer. The Approval Officer has permissions to view Pending Approval designs, while the Designer does not. In the default Work Request Process Flow, only an Account Representative may be the owner of a work request. So the new owner of a work request must have the Account Representative role assigned to her.

To change the owner:

  1. Select the work request or design in the tree.
  2. Click the Change Owner button.
  3. Select a name from the list in the Select New Owner window.

  4. Click OK. The Current Owner field is modified to reflect the new owner.
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