Create, Edit, or Add a Map Book

Map books are similar to Favorite Categories in that they act as folders or containers for map sets. A map book may contain map sets or other map books. You may create a new map book or open an existing map book and add to it.

  1. To create a map book, click New ArcFM Map Book , located on the ArcFM toolbar. This displays the ArcFM Map Book Editor with a blank "New Map Book". Change the title in the Title field, add a description if you'd like in the Description field, and define the map book type as user or system using the Map Book Type pulldown menu. Click Apply to save your changes.

  2. Click the button in the top right corner to exit the Map Book Editor.
  3. To open and edit an existing map book click the ArcFM Map Book Explorer button.
  4. Select a map book and click Edit to open it in the ArcFM Map Book Editor.

  5. Right-click the map book and select Create Map Book to create additional map books. The Create Map Book option is not available when you right-click a map set.

  6. Right-click the top map book and select Save to save the map book and any map books and/or map sets under it. This saves it as a User map book with the Title you have assigned to the top map book. In the example below, the map book will be saved as "Crew Maps."
  7. Right-click any node in the map book and select Save Copy As to save a copy of the highlighted node (map book or map set) and any child nodes under it. The dialog box gives you the opportunity to rename the map book. A copy of the map book will be saved and available in the ArcFM Map Book Explorer. You will need to open the saved copy to edit it. You are NOT automatically editing the saved copy when you select Save Copy As. Select the checkbox to save it as a System map book (you must have write permissions to the MMSystemPackages table). System map books are available to all users connected to the geodatabase (they must have read permissions to the MMSystemPackages table.

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