Compatible Unit Selection Pane

The CU Selection Pane allows you to add multiple Compatible Units (CUs) to a Template, Macro, or CU Favorite in the same dialog rather than adding each CU one dialog after another.

To use the CU Selection Pane:

  1. In the Add Compatible Unit dialog, type your search criteria.

  2. Select one or more CUs in you search results in the left pane.

  3. Click Add for the selected CUs to appear in the right pane.

  4. If you need to remove a CU from the ones you designated, select the CU in the right pane and click Remove. Clicking Remove All excludes all the CUs that you previously selected and added to the CU Selection Pane.

  5. Click OK when finished.

Adding and removing CUs can be done with multiple CUs selected at once. If you have several CUs to review in the search pane, you can add the applicable CUs in small batches. This prevents having to scroll through a massive list of results.

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