Favorite Categories

Favorite categories can be created to organize your favorites in any way you'd like. The example below shows System Favorites organized by utility (Electric, Gas, Water). Any user can create a user favorite category that is available only to the user who created it. Administrators can create system favorite categories that are available for placement (but not editing) to all users connected to the geodatabase.

To create a Favorite category, right-click an existing category (e.g., User Favorites) and select Create Favorite Category. Type a name for the category and click OK.

The category is created beneath the selected category. You may create favorite categories within any category in the User Favorites section or in the System Favorites section if you have administrator privileges.

If you want to edit an existing category, right-click it and select Edit Favorite Category. The Edit Favorite Category window allows you to modify the category name. This tool is not available on the System Favorites and User Favorites categories. These names cannot be changed.

To remove an existing category, right-click and select Delete. Click Yes to confirm deletion. Any favorites in that category are deleted as well.

Designer Users: Favorite categories may be created in the same manner on the compatible units (CU) list.

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