CUs Tab

Use the CUs tab to view and place compatible units (CUs) and a variety of favorites. The CUs tab is not visible unless you have Designer installed and a valid Designer license. To populate the tab, you must have an edit session started.

Work Function:

When placing CUs or creating favorites, Designer assigns the CUs the work function displayed in the Work Function field. Ensure this field is set to the correct work function before placing CUs and creating favorites.

This field also filters the Favorites in the System Favorites and User Favorites categories. If you select Remove in the Work Function field, only favorites that have a CU with a Remove work function are displayed (the favorite may have CUs with other work functions - such as Install - assigned). CUs with any type of remove work function (Remove, Retire) along with the Install CU are not displayed when you have Install selected in the Work Function field. This field only filters favorites, composite favorites, and macro favorites. Template favorites and macros are not filtered.

NOTE: You cannot place CUs with a work function set to None in a design. Also, CUs are not filtered on this field when the work function is set to None.

CU Finder:

Use this field at the bottom of the CUs tab to locate a specific CU or favorite. Simply type in a few known letters of a CU in the CU Finder window. CU Finder will autocomplete the entry with a matching CU. You may hit the Enter key to send the highlighted CU to the Targets tab. CUs will be sent to the Targets tab or the Design tab, depending on the Quick Estimate setting. Non-GIS CUs will be sent to the Design tab. If you do not have a design open, non-GIS CUs will not be sent to the Attribute Editor. Non-GIS CUs may not be sent to the Targets tab.

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