Palettes allow you to group design features into logical collections. This makes it easy to select a small group of design features necessary for a particular job. Features can be grouped in any way you choose, e.g., group by material (all wood poles) or by job (service points, secondary, etc.).


To create a new palette, follow these steps:

  1. Right-click My Palettes or a folder within My Palettes and select New Palette.
  2. Enter a name for the palette. You may change the name later by right-clicking the palette and selecting Rename Palette.
  3. Drag items from the Results pane and drop them onto the new palette in the Explore pane. Use the filters to locate specific CUs in the Results pane.

    Once created, right-click a palette and access the following tools:

    • Send Palette to Targets Tab: Sends the CUs in the selected palette to the Targets tab. Once added to the Targets tab, you may modify the CU's attributes before placing it on the map. 

    • Rename Palette: Highlights the palette name so that you can enter a new name.

    • Export Palette:

      Exports the palette as an XML file. Right-click a folder in the System Palettes or My Palettes directories and select Import Palette to import the XML for an exported palette.

    • Cut Palette: Cuts the selected palette from the folder. Right-click a folder and select Paste Palette to place it elsewhere.

    • Copy Palette: Copies the selected palette. Right-click a folder and select Paste Palette to copy it to an additional location.

    • Delete Palette: Deletes the selected palette. You will be prompted to confirm deletion before it is complete.


Double-click a palette to view its contents in the Results pane. You can right-click a CU in the Results pane and select Remove to remove that CU from the palette. You may also select Send To Targets Tab or Send To Design Tab on a CU in a palette. Use the Ctrl or Shift key to select multiples.

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