Composite Favorite Rotation

You can rotate a composite feature around its insertion point if you place it using the ArcFM Manual Angle Setter edit task. A composite favorite must include at least one point feature, and every point feature composing it must have a Symbol Rotation field.

Rotation algorithms are set using the ArcGIS layer Properties dialog (right-click the feature in one of the ToC lists) at the Advanced button on the Symbology tab. You must select Symbol Rotation in the "Rotate Points by Angle in this field" menu.


You must select ArcFM Manual Angle Setter in the Edit Task field for the composite favorite. If you do not select this edit task, the composite favorite will not rotate when you place it.

To place a composite favorite with the Manual Angle Setter task assigned, the user clicks it on the Features list (with an edit session started) and clicks the map. The first click designates the placement and the second click determines the rotation.

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