Add Existing Map Books or Map Sets

The ArcFM Map Book Editor allows you to import other map books and map sets into the current map book. Using the Add Existing tool, you may add system or user map books and map sets.

Designer: You can add an existing map set to a Designer map book. If a stored display is associated with the existing map set, it will remain in the design map set until the user changes it. If no stored display has been assigned to the existing map set, then the design stored display will be assigned to it when it's added to the design map book.

  1. Right-click a map book in Map Book Editor, and select Add Existing to open the Map Book Explorer. This option is not available when you right-click a map set.

  2. In the Map Book Explorer, select the type of map book to import: System or User.

  3. Choose a map book from the list. You can add System or User map books to an existing map book. If you are using Designer, design map books are not available to be added to an existing map book. You may open a design map book and use Save a Copy As, then add the copy of the design map book. If you highlight a map set or map book, only that node and anything below it will be added to your current map book.


    Type a value in the Title field to search for a specific map book or map set. It will search automatically. Click the Search button to advance to the next match.

  4. Once you have selected a map book or map set, click Add.
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