Delete Ducts and Subducts

You can delete ducts and subducts within the ArcFM Conduit Configuration dialog.

IMPORTANT: You can only delete unoccupied ducts and subducts. If a duct or subduct contains a conductor/cable, you must move the conductor/cable to a different duct or delete the conductor/cable first. Deleting a conductor has Feeder Manager implications, and deleting a fiber optic cable has Connection Manager implications. Thus, you need to manage those edits first before deleting a duct or subduct. Finally, you can delete a duct that has unoccupied subducts. In that case, the duct and subducts are deleted together.

To delete a duct or subduct, follow these steps:

  1. Start editing or open a session/design.
  2. Select the conduit on the map.
  3. In the ArcFM Attribute Editor > Selection tab, locate the selected conduit and click it once to highlight in blue.
  4. In the list of attributes, hover over the CONFIGURATION attribute field, then click the edit icon.

  5. Using either the duct diagram or the list of ducts, highlight the duct or subduct you need to delete.

  6. Click Delete.
  7. Click Yes to confirm.
  8. If necessary, repeat the procedure to delete other ducts (you can delete only one duct at a time).
  9. Click OK to close the ArcFM Conduit Configuration dialog.
  10. On the ArcFM Attribute Editor, click Update.

    IMPORTANT: This is a mandatory step. If you do not click Update, your changes are not applied.
  11. Save your edit session.
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