The snapping environment is set by an administrator using the ArcFM Snapping Manager in ArcCatalog. The snapping environment in ArcMap is dynamically updated based on the current feature class. This ensures that the snapping environment is appropriate for each feature class as it is edited.

  • ArcFM uses Esri's classic snapping and automatically switches on classic snapping each time you open ArcMap. If you switch classic snapping off, ArcFM's snapping may not work properly.

  • ArcMap snaps to features belonging to grouped layers so long as the layer is visible and regardless of whether the group is invisible (turned off).

Persistence of Snapping Changes

You can edit the Snapping environment for a current session using the Snapping tool on the ArcGIS Editor toolbar. However, when you start a new edit session or change the target layer, the initial snapping properties are always refreshed according to the snapping configuration defined with the ArcFM Snapping Manager in ArcCatalog.

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