Use the right-click tools on the nodes in the Explore pane to create a folder structure that organizes your palettes and searches. Palettes may be organized into System Palettes and My Palettes. System Palettes are available to all users on the geodatabase. A palette stored in My Palettes is available only to the user who created it.

All items in the System Palettes, My Palettes, and My Searches directories are arranged alphabetically.

  • You can right-click any folder and select New Folder to create a folder.

  • Right-click any created folder and select Rename Folder to assign it a new name.

  • Copy created folders using the Copy Folder and Paste Folder tools.

  • You may use the Cut Folder tool along with the Paste Folder tool to move it to a new location in the Explore Pane.

  • If you use the Delete Folder tool, any searches or palettes stored within that folder will be deleted as well. You will be prompted to confirm any deletion before it is complete.

    TIP: A created folder is any folder created by a user or administration. This means any folder EXCEPT System Palettes, My Palettes, My Searches. These three folders cannot be modified or deleted.
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