Favorites organize and save attribute values of often-used features. A favorite consists of a single feature with a user or an administrator pre-determining its attributes. The administrator sets up system favorites in ArcCatalog or ArcMap. Users can view or place (but not edit) system favorites in ArcMap. Users can also create user favorites in ArcMap.

Create a Favorite

  1. Right-click a favorite category and select Create Favorite.
  2. Use the Select a Target window to choose the feature class and subtype for your favorite. Click OK.

  3. Enter a description for the favorite. This is the name that appears in the favorite category. Use the Object Editor grid to edit attributes. Any attributes that have been edited are displayed with blue field labels. If a field does not accept a Null value and no value is assigned, it is highlighted in yellow.

  4. If the favorite has relationships, right click on the relationship to add a related object. Click Apply to save your changes. Click Create to save the favorite. After a favorite is saved, it is displayed in the Features list. Click Close to exit the form without saving.

    Edit Existing Favorites

    Right-click an existing favorite and select Edit Favorite. This displays the Edit Favorite dialog.

    Edit the favorite's attributes in the object editor grid. Any attributes that have been edited are displayed with blue field labels. The Create Copy button is discussed later in this section.

    Delete a Favorite

    Right-click an existing favorite and select Delete.

Create Copy

You may want to copy a favorite, composite favorite, template favorite, or macro favorite (Designer only) and make minor modifications instead of creating an entirely new favorite. For ArcFM users, favorites are visible on the Features list (Designer users see note below). The Create Copy button is how you initiate this process.

Designer users: You can access favorites, composite favorites, and template favorites on the CU list as well as the Features list. Macro favorites are available only to Designer users and only on the CUs list.

  1. Right-click the favorite and select the Edit tool (e.g., Edit Favorite, Edit Composite Favorite, Edit Template Favorite, or Edit Macro Favorite) to display the Edit Favorite dialog.
  2. You may type a new description for the favorite in the Description field. If you do not rename it, you will have multiple favorites with the same name.
  3. Click Create Copy. The renamed favorite will be saved in the same favorite category as the originally selected favorite. You may drag and drop the new favorite to another category, if you want.
  4. You can edit this copy as needed. See Edit Favorites, Edit Composite Favorites, or Edit Template Favorite for more information. (Designer users may view Edit Macro Favorites.)

    The favorite Alternate Switching Facility was created from Switching Facility using the Create Copy button.

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