ArcFM Inset Frame Source Feature Classes

An ArcFM Inset Frame Source feature class is a polygon feature class that may be used to draw polygons around portions of the map you want displayed in an inset frame. ArcFM offers an Electric Inset Frame Source and a Gas Inset Frame Source feature class. This allows you to create domain-specific insets. Each feature class may be added to your map from its respective dataset.

Remember, if you use this feature class the resulting inset frames will be labeled with an attribute from the Inset Frame Source feature class.

First, click the Electric Inset Frame Source feature class on the Features pane of the Table of Contents. This will add the feature to the Targets tab on ArcFM Attribute Editor. Next, draw the feature on the map around the details you want included in the inset frame.

In the ArcFM Inset Frame Properties dialog, check the Electric (or Gas) Inset Frame Source. Everything included in the polygon will appear in the inset frame. Map layers are drawn in the order they are shown on the Display list (bottom to top). Any layers you want ArcFM to display in the Inset Frame must be above the Inset Frame Source layer in the Display list.


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