Phase Swap

The Phase Swap tool gives users the ability to switch a branch of existing energized feeder from one phase to another. You may swap single- or multi-phase lines, but you may not change the number of phases on a line. This section frequently refers to tap points and click points (defined below).

Tap Point: The tap point is the location at which the phase swap operation is initiated. There are two methods for determining the tap point (Automatic and Manual). These are discussed on the Phase Swap Options page.

Click Point: The click point is the point at which the user clicks on the map. The click point is denoted with a green square.

TIP: If you are using Mobile ArcFM in the field, the Phase Swap tool will be disabled. This tool is not available for use on databases disconnected from the enterprise. If the tool won't enable, be sure you have the Electric geometric network selected in the Network field on the Utility Network Analyst toolbar.
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