Design Summary Form

The Design Summary form contains information about the design and a search bar that searches information contained within the CUs. Compatible Units shown on the Design Summary Form are grouped based on their Work Management System (WMS) code, work function, and work location. As you type in the search bar, the search results are automatically updated below per results found in design CUs and WLs. The rows turn from grey to white if the CU matches the search criteria.

Directly below the search bar are several tools that help you quickly interact with your search results. Hovering your mouse over the tool displays the tool tips pop up that identifies the tool. Searching CUs and WLs can be turned on and off by clicking the toggle button. When turned off, a red line appears over the button, as illustrated below. The remaining tools on that bar allow you to select or deselect all visible results, expand or collapse all visible results, show only the WLs with selected items, or show all items.

In the top right of the Design Summary form, there is a refresh button which updates the content of the Design Summary to be the latest state of the design tree. The Design Summary dialog and the Design Tree in the Attribute Editor are not automatically kept in sync, so it is up to the user to refresh the Design Summary when they want to see their changes.

NOTE: Refreshing the content of the Design Summary will reset the export setting of all the current items.

The Settings button is the gear icon to the right of the Refresh button. You can find more details about the Settings button in the Design Summary Filtering and Selection Options section.

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