Create an MXD or Stored Display

Once you're satisfied with the configuration for redlines, save it to an MXD file or to a Stored Display (if you utilize ArcFM) to make viewing future ArcMap redline sessions more convenient. If you save to an MXD, and you want other users to have access to it, save it to a shared location.

If your organization uses Federated ArcGIS Server for redlining, redline layers won’t automatically load when you’re working with redlines in ArcMap. You must create an MXD or Stored Display that allows you to view redlines. Follow the instructions below.

  1. Open ArcMap.

  2. Connect to the desired database.

  3. If your organization uses OAuth2 for Portal authentication, you must log in to the portal via File > Sign In. Specify a user that has permissions to the federated redline map service. If you aren’t certain if the user has the required permissions, check with your system administrator.

    TIP: If your organization uses IWA for authentication, you are automatically signed in with Single Sign-On, but you should ensure the user has permissions to the federated ArcGIS Server redlining feature service.
  4. Load an MXD or Stored Display.

  5. Add the redline feature service.

  6. Save the MXD or Stored Display, specifying a new name if desired.

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