Cable Pulling Analysis

You can perform what-if scenarios for pulling conductors of various sizes through conduit using Cable Pulling Analysis. You can modify what-if parameters to create a variety of scenarios, thus allowing you to choose the optimal cable pulling plan. As an added check, the tool compares the results of each scenario to maximum allowable pulling tensions and sidewall bearing pressure. The process flags any results that fall outside the maximum allowable parameters. Cable pulling analysis is available for two pull methods including pulling eye and per cable and multiple cable basketweave grip.

Cable pulling calculations are what-if scenarios, so they will not affect the data in your map. You may save the scenarios to be referenced later and print reports for use in the field.

The what-if parameters include a mix of the following:

  • Cable type

  • Neutral cable type

  • Number of cables to pull

  • Cable covering material

  • Pull type (bend vs. straight upward, downward, horizontal)

  • Cable length

  • Bending angle and radius

  • Offset angle

  • Conduit size

  • Conduit type

  • Coefficient of friction

The cable pulling analysis displays the following results per conduit section for pulling eye and basketweave grip pull methods:

  • Forward and reverse pulling tension

  • Forward and reverse sidewall bearing pressure

  • Cable clearance

  • Inside bending radius

  • Pulling configuration (single, triangular, cradled, diamond)

  • Weight correction factor

  • Jam probability

IMPORTANT: When opening the Cable Pulling Analysis tool, you may receive an error message about missing tables. This means the appropriate tables haven't been added to your database. See Configure Cable Pulling Analysis in the ArcFM Solution help in ArcCatalog.

If you are using tables stored in your geodatabase, ArcFM disables Cable Pulling if you aren’t logged in. Logging in to the geodatabase or having a registry key pointing to a valid database file will enable Cable Pulling. See the Configuring ArcFM Solution online help in ArcCatalog.

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