Cut and Trim

To abandon a pipe feature, you must first separate it from the network. To do this, cut linear feature classes and trim back by the trim distance, which is assigned in the ArcFM Abandon Tool Options dialog. If you cut and trim a piece of pipe, any features connected to the cut section will also be abandoned. In the following figure, the pipe was cut in the two places indicated with blue circles. The line that runs perpendicular to the cut pipe and the two valves would be abandoned as well. Any features connected to this pipe would also be abandoned, potentially a large portion of the network.

In the figure below, the pipe was cut in three places. In this case, only the cut section of pipe and the connected valve (VLV75) will be abandoned.

  1. Click the Cut tool on the Abandon toolbar.
  2. Click the feature to separate it from the network (you may need to cut in multiple places). The cut feature will flash, then each side of the cut will flash. After a few seconds, the cut will display with the trim length assigned in ArcFM Abandon Options dialog. Use Refresh to display trim a bit faster.
    IMPORTANT: If you receive an error stating, “Shapes of this entity type are not allowed in this layer,” the issue is that the SDE layer does not allow multipart shapes. Refer to the Esri Technical Support document SDE Error (-35) Shapes of this entity type are not allowed in this layer for more information and a solution to this issue.
  3. The cut and trimmed pipe section is now ready to be abandoned, removed, or converted to conduit.
    TIP: You can use the Undo tool in the Edit menu to undo your most recent action.
  4. Depending on whether it was abandoned, removed, or converted to conduit, follow your company procedures if you need to update any attributes on the newly abandoned feature.
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