Place Autotext Elements

Additional autotext elements may be created programmatically. All autotext elements are placed in the same way.

  1. Go to the Layout view of your map.
  2. From the ArcMap Main menu, select Insert > ArcFM Autotext.
  3. Select the autotext element from the menu.
  4. The autotext element will be placed in the Layout view.
  5. Click the element and drag it to the desired position.

    You may add the Refresh ArcFM Autotext button to a toolbar. This button allows you to refresh your autotext elements after adding them or modifying their properties. Right-click on the gray area around your toolbars and select Customize. Click the Commands tab and select ArcFM Solution from the Categories window. Drag the button onto a toolbar. Close the Customize window.

Adjacent Grid and Primary Display Field Autotext Elements

The functionality described below is not available in ArcFM Viewer.

These autotext elements work best with the Map Production Map Book Editor. After you've placed autotext elements in the Layout view, follow the steps below.

  1. Save the Layout view as a page template or document.
  2. Create a map book and add a map set.
  3. Select the map set. On the Options tab, set the Default Page Templates field to match the page template that contains your autotext elements. Or, if you saved a document, select it in the Document field. Select a stored display.
  4. On the Maps tab, Locate a map grid or multiple map grids.
  5. Click Apply.
  6. Right-click the map grid on the Maps tab and select Preview. This view will display the map sheet as it will appear when plotted.

    If you want to print a page template using the ArcMap File > Print tool, a map grid must be displayed in the center of your data frame. If a map grid is not in the center of the data frame, ArcMap cannot locate a map grid to populate the Adjacent Grid and Primary Display Field autotext elements. In this case, a message similar to this one will be displayed: "Could not locate Map Grid feature for ArcFMMapGrid." Zoom to a map grid to resolve this issue.

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