Save Copy As

ArcFM provides the functionality to save copies of existing map books and map sets.

Right-click any node in a saved map book and select Save Copy As to save a copy of the node (map book or map set) and any child nodes under it. The dialog box gives you the opportunity to rename the map book. The Save Copy As tool is disabled if the map book has been created, but not yet saved. Save the map book to enable Save Copy As.

Select User or System from the Type field. System map books are available to all users connected to the geodatabase. A user map book is available only to the user who created it.

A copy of the map book or map set will be saved and available in the ArcFM Map Book Explorer. If you save a copy of a map set, a map book will automatically be created with it. The map book will have the name you assign in the Save Copy dialog. You will need to open the saved copy to edit it. You are NOT automatically editing the saved copy when you select Save Copy As.

TIP: Map sheet page templates will NOT be included in the copy.

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