Work Request Tabs

The user control displayed when you have a work request selected in the tree offers three tabs for users to store information about the selected work request. Grayed out fields are automatically updated as the Work Request is transitioned through the process flow. These fields are not editable by the user.

Changes are shown in blue text. Click the Apply button to save the changes. Once saved, the text will be shown in black. If you do not click the Apply button and select another work request or design, the modifications shown in blue will not be saved. You will be prompted to save.

Work Request

This tab contains information about the work request.

The History button provides a list of actions performed on the work request. Attributes listed include: modification date, user, and description. Click the X in the top right corner to close this window.

Field Descriptions

Work Request Number: Workflow Manager generates a unique numeric ID for each work request (WR). This field is not editable.

Work Request Name: Type a name for your WR. You may duplicate WR names.

Description: Type a brief description for the WR. This field may hold a maximum of 128 characters.

Comments: Type any comments relating to the WR. Click the browse button to view the comments window.

Status: Indicates the status (or state) of the WR. A WR may be in one of the following states: Initiated, In Design, In Construction, or Complete. This field may be modified only by transitioning the WR to another state (such as approving its design). See Work Request Process Flow.

Current Owner: Indicates the owner of the WR. The default for this field is the user ID of the person who created the WR. This field may only be edited using the Change Owner button. See Change WR Owner.

Designer: Select a Designer. This provides the selected Designer access to view the WR and create an associated design.

Work Request Type: Select the type of WR: Residential, Commercial, Irrigation, Industrial.

Start Date: Select a start date. mm/dd/yyyy

End Date: Select an end date. The end date must be equal to or later than the start date. mm/dd/yyyy


This tab contains information about the physical location of the Work Request.

Field Descriptions

Administrative Area: Select an administrative area in your network. In the Workflow Manager sample database, our examples are: North District, South District, East District, West District.

Facility Information: Fill in these fields to indicate the location of the Work Request polygon.

Feature Type: Select the type of feature to create the Work Request polygon around. In the Workflow Manager sample database, the examples are Pole, Transformer, and Gas Valve.

Facility ID: Type the Facility ID for the feature. This field is case-sensitive.

TIP: The label for this field is Facility ID, however, it requires the value of the ArcFM Primary Display Field for the Feature Type. For example, if the ArcFM Primary Display Field for a pole is OBJECTID, Type the OBJECTID of the pole. In this case, typing the Facility ID would generate an error.

Work Request Address: Type the address for the location of the Work Request. The Zip Code field validates that a five- or nine-digit number has been typed.


This tab contains contact information for the customer.

Field Descriptions

Account ID: Type the Account ID for this WR.

First Name: Type the customer's first name.

Last Name: Type the customer's last name.

E-mail: Type the customer's e-mail address.

Phone: Type the customer's phone number.

Fax: Type the customer's fax number.

Mobile Phone: Type the customer's mobile phone or cell number.

Customer Address: Type the customer's billing address. The Zip Code field validates that a five- or nine-digit number has been Typeed.

TIP: The phone, fax, and mobile phone fields are auto-formatted to (321) 555-1234 or 555-1234 if you don't include an area code. You may add an extension to a phone number. Any text (alpha/numeric) following a space after the initial 10 digits will not be formatted. If there is no space between the phone number and the extension, the number will be invalid.
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