Create Floor and Walls

This task allows you to define the floor and walls of your underground facility diagram. There are three options for creating the floor and walls (listed below). The first option supports four-walled, symmetrical diagrams only. Creating your floor and walls manually allows you to draw more than four walls without the confines of symmetry. Diagrams of any type may be created as Favorites and accessed later.

Configure and Create

Set the floor and wall dimensions. Currently the Diagram Manager only supports four-walled diagrams.

  1. Set the dimension criteria (e.g., floor width, floor length, wall height).
  2. Select the Generate Dimensions checkbox to display the dimensions around the diagram (the arrowed lines).
  3. Click the Add Diagram button to create the diagram on the map. The diagram is placed automatically according to the specified dimensions and centered on the existing underground structure (manhole) feature.

Diagram Favorites

Use this option to select an existing composite favorite from which your diagram is created.

  1. Select a composite favorite in the bottom window.
  2. Click the Add Diagram button. The composite favorite is placed on the map. It is centered on the existing underground structure (manhole).

Create Manually

This method allows you to create diagrams with more than four walls.

  1. Start an editing session.
  2. Select the Launch Diagram Manager tool and click an underground structure feature on the map. This will display the Diagram Manager.
  3. From the Features tab, select the Floor feature and draw the floor polygon on the map.
  4. From the Features tab, select the Wall feature and draw the wall polygons.

    Once the diagram is placed, you may not re-create it on the same underground structure using these steps. If you want to create a new diagram for the selected structure, you will need to first delete the existing diagram.

    Once the floor and walls are drawn, you can create as a favorite or create duct banks and ducts.

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