Area Filter

An area filter looks at any polygon features (or areas) that intersect the work request polygon associated with the current design and presents any relevant area filters.

For example, a work request may intersect a polygon feature that indicates a fire zone. When the Designer clicks the Area button in the Compatible Unit Filter, the tool presents him only with the fire zone filter. The fire zone filter shows those compatible units (CU) that are appropriate for that area (as determined by an administrator using the CU Administration tool in ArcCatalog).

If the work request polygon intersects both the fire zone and a high wind area, then the Designer will see the fire zone and high wind filters. He can check/uncheck these area filters to view different sets of CUs (i.e., CUs approved for fire zones, CUs approved for high wind areas, or CUs approved for both fire zones and high wind areas).

The filters presented (e.g., high wind, fire zone) offer a list of CUs that are appropriate for that particular area type, or all area types if multiple are selected. For example, the fire zone filter may offer only steel and cement power poles since wood power poles are susceptible to fire.

To use an area filter, follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Open a design and place a work request area polygon. To do this, select the work request on the Design tab of the Attribute Editor. Click the Edit button in the Shape field and draw the work request polygon on the map. Click Create.
  2. Open the Compatible Unit Filter and click the Area button (next to Build from Map).
  3. If the work request polygon intersects any areas that have an associated area filter (e.g., Fire Zone, Marsh), then the area filter displays the CUs that may be placed in that zone.

    In the example below, WR284 intersects a marsh area (in green/white). When the Designer selected the area filter, the Compatible Unit Filter detected this intersection and presented the appropriate CUs for a marshy area. If no area filter exists for a polygon that intersects a work request, then the entire CU list is displayed and no area filter is shown.


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