Conduit Trace Criteria

Use this dialog to define your conduit trace criteria.

IMPORTANT: In order to perform a trace, the Enabled fields on the features in the geometric network must be set to True. Any feature with an Enabled value of False will be treated as a barrier in the trace. Existing features may be udpated using the Mass Attribute Update tool. For any future conduit system features, the default value for the Enabled field should be set to True, and the field hidden from the user through ArcFM properties. This ensures that all conduit features are always enabled for conduit tracing.

There are two ways to access the Conduit Trace Criteria:

  • On the Conduit Manager Trace toolbar select Options, select the Conduit Traces tab, and click the Set Conduit Trace Criteria button.

  • Click the Conduit Trace Criteria Setup button .

Duct Size

Select a limit to the size of duct that will be included in the trace results. Select from domain values or select No Minimum Size and/or No Maximum Size to include all sizes in the trace.

Duct Materials

Select the material(s) of the conduits that will be included in the trace. By selecting none of the available material types, this attribute is not used as a criteria for the query.

Trench Capacity

Select whether trenches can contain an unlimited number of positions.


Select whether you want to include ducts that are occupied and which occupants may be allowed in the duct and still be included in the trace results.

Duct Count

Select the number of available ducts meeting the criteria you want to include in the trace results. This field will not accept a value greater than 500.

Availability Attribute

Select whether you want to include ducts previously assigned an Unavailable value in the Availability Indicator field.

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