Cost Item Library Manager

The Cost Item Library Manager provides the ability to add, edit or retire cost items. The Cost Item Library Manager button is not visible by default on any toolbar in ArcCatalog or ArcMap. You will need to add it using the Customize menu.

When you click the Cost Item Library Manager button , the Cost Item Library Manager opens and all the cost items in the library are listed. You can use the navigation buttons and trail at the top to move to any part of the manager.


  • To use this tool in ArcCatalog, you need read/write access to MM_EXPRESS_COST_ITEM_LIBRARY and MM_SYSTEM_PERSIST_INFO tables. 

  • To use this tool in ArcMap, you need read/write access to the same tables. In addition, you also need to be assigned the Express Power User role through the Process Framework Administration tool.

Searching for a Cost Item

The Cost Item Library Manager supplies a Search field to help locate specific cost items in the list. When you enter a value in the Search field, the tool filters the list using the Code and Description fields.

Creating a Cost Item

To create a new cost item, enter its code in the Cost Item Code field, then click Create.

IMPORTANT: Cost Item Code: After clicking the Create button you cannot change the cost item code you typed. If you typed the wrong code, you have to delete the item and create a new one.

After you click Create, the Cost Item Library Manager displays the Edit Cost Item window. For more information about the fields in this screen, refer to the Set Up Cost Item Library topic in the configuration guide (available on the ArcFM Solution Resource Center). These are generally standard fields such as Description, Cost, Units, etc. The Buffer field is discussed below. After filling out the appropriate fields in the Edit Cost Item window, click Apply. Click OK to close the Cost Item Library Manager.

The Cost Item Library Manager tool in ArcMap is only enabled when you have an express design open. If you add cost items, they will not be available for assignment to DFCs until you close the express design and open it again.

Buffer Field

  • The buffer applies to only linear DFCs. It is calculated as a percentage. For example, if the original amount of wire used in the express design is 100 feet and the buffer was 5 percent, the quantity shown in the Design Estimate and Cost Estimate would be 105 feet.

  • Type decimal numbers in the Buffer field. For example, type 1.05 for five percent.

  • If you change the value in the Buffer field, the new value is used in all new express designs. However, the change does not affect existing express designs.

Retiring and Editing Cost Items

Edit and Retired buttons are next to each cost item.

Edit: Allows you to modify every field related to the cost item except for the OBJECTID and CODE fields. Click Apply at any point to save changes. Click Cancel to dismiss the Cost Item Library Manager without saving any changes made since the last time the Apply button was clicked. For more information about the fields, please see the Set Up Cost Item Library topic in the ArcFM Desktop Configuration Guide.

Retired: Retires the cost item. You will be prompted to confirm that you want to retire the selected item. A retired cost item cannot be re-activated. A retired cost item cannot be used in any express design, even those that already have the cost item assigned to DFCs. However, a retired cost item still appears in the design estimates for the express designs that used the cost item before it was retired. Retired cost items continue to appear in the list on the Manage Cost tab until you close and re-open the express design.

In the example below, cost Item 1234-5678 was assigned to a Gas Valve DFC before being retired. Once retired, the cost item is no longer visible in the Manage Cost list, but it remains assigned to the DFC.


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