Design Tab

The Design tab displays the compatible units (CUs) in your design. If you do not have a design open, this tab will remain blank and you will not be able to send CUs to it. Use Workflow Manager to create and manage designs.

The Design tab displays the work request and its currently open design. A single work request can have multiple designs, but only one design may be opened and visible in ArcMap. A design may have multiple GIS units (GUs) and CUs assigned to it.

Design Objects and the Design Tab

When you have a design object selected (e.g., design, work request, work location), the Design tab displays two tabs in its user interface: Attributes and Extended Data.

The Attributes tab displays the geodatabase fields associated with the object.

The Extended Data tab allows you to view data specific to your work management system (WMS). The Extended Data tab appears only if a design is open and the design object has been properly configured (see Configuration Guide).

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