CU Tabs

The user control for a Compatible Unit offers two tabs for users to view information about a CU. The fields on these two tabs are not editable in Workflow Manager. You may open the design in ArcMap, select the CU on the Design tab, and edit its attributes.

Compatible Unit

This tab provides information relating to the CU. Users may not edit this tab. To modify these fields, open the design in ArcMap. Select the CU and edit the attribute values on the Attribute Editor Design tab. Click Update to save changes.

Field Descriptions

CU Code: This value uniquely identifies the compatible unit.

Description: This value provides a description of the CU.

Work Function: Indicates the work function of the CU: install, remove, retire, abandon.

Length: For linear CUs, this value is its length. N/A appears for point features since they do not have length.

Quantity: Indicates the number of CUs.

Site Conditions

This tab allows you to enter and track Extended Data Management (EDM) information (see Using Designer). You may open the design and edit this data on the Design tab. Site Conditions are not editable for a CU in Workflow Manager.

Field Descriptions

Labor Type: Indicates Internal or Contractor.

Network Status: Indicates the status of the network: Electric in Service, Gas in Service, or Not in Service.

Soil Condition: Indicates the soil condition: Firm, Hard, or Soft.

Traffic Condition: Indicates the amount of traffic in the area: High, Medium, Light, or No Traffic.

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