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 Use the ArcFM Change Version tool to open a different version. This tool may not appear on the ArcFM toolbar by default. You may have to access it from the Customize > Toolbars > Customize menu. Click the Commands tab and choose ArcFM Change Version from the ArcFM Solution category.

The ArcFM Change Version tool differs from the Esri Change Version tool in that it sets the geodatabase connection properties so that stored display layers point to the current version. If you use the Esri Change Version tool then open a stored display, the data sources will be disconnected. Using the ArcFM Change Version tool alleviates this problem and ensures the stored display data sources are connected to your current version.

NOTE: The ArcFM Change Version tool doesn't allow the user to create a new version and open it at the same time. The user must first create the version, then use the ArcFM Change Version tool to switch to it.

Inset Frames: Each inset frame has at least one source layer assigned. When the user changes version, this layer may not be updated to the new version.

  1. Ensure the ArcFM Change Version button has been added to a toolbar or context menu.
  2. Select List by Source in the Table of Contents.
  3. Select the current version displayed on the Source tab (SDE.DEFAULT, in the example above). The ArcFM Change Version tool will remain disabled until the current version is selected.
  4. Click the ArcFM Change Version button.
  5. The ArcFM Change Version screen displays the available versions.
  6. Select a version and click OK. The selected version is opened and the ArcFM Change Version dialog dismissed.
  7. Click Cancel to dismiss the ArcFM Change Version window without changing the version.
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