Create and Edit UFM Diagram

The Launch Diagram Manager tool either creates a new underground facility diagram or displays an existing diagram. If you want to create a new diagram, ensure an editing session has been started. If a diagram exists at the selected location it will be displayed and available for editing. You may perform available steps in the Diagram Manager (e.g., create duct banks and ducts, add annotation, etc.).

If you do not have an editing session started, the Launch Diagram Manager tool displays existing diagrams, but not allow a new one to be created.

  1. Start an editing session.
  2. Select the Launch Diagram Manager tool and click an underground structure feature on the map. The Diagram Manager window shows the steps that may be performed.

    The top section of the Diagram Manager displays the steps involved in creating and managing underground facility diagrams. Steps that are available to be executed have a green dot next to them. A step with a red dot may not be performed until a previous task is completed. For example, you may not create ducts until the facility floor and walls are created. When a step is expanded, the tasks that may be performed are listed. Completed tasks are indicated with a checkmark .

    The middle window displays instructions for the selected step. This window may be hidden or displayed by clicking the bar.

    The bottom window displays the options for the selected task.

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