Leader Lines

Use leader lines to visually associate annotation with a conduit. The Place Leader Line tool is not available if the Conduit System Cross Section Annotation (ConduitSystemCrossSectionAnno) layer doesn't exist in the map.

Place Leader Line

The option to place a leader line is available only when the Conduit System Cross Section Anno layer is added to the map.

  1. On the map, select a conduit system feature.
  2. Right-click conduit system feature in the Selection tab of the Attribute Editor and select Place Leader Line.
  3. Click the beginning point near the related cross section. Click for a vertex and double-click for an arrow pointing toward the conduit system. The leader line will appear on the map.

Edit Leader Line

You may modify the leader line style (e.g., color, width). Editing the style only affects future placed leader lines, not those that already exist on the map. If you want to modify a current leader line, enable the Select Elements  tool on the Draw toolbar, right-click the leader line on the map, and select Properties. To set the leader line style before placement:

  1. From the Customize menu, select Conduit Manager Options.

  2. Click the Leader Line Settings button.
  3. Use the Symbol Property Editor to edit lines to a desired style.

  4. Click OK.
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