Digital alarms

Digital alarms monitor the ON or OFF state of the meter’s digital / status inputs.

Digital alarm with setpoint delay

To prevent false triggers from erratic signals, you can set up pickup and dropout time delays for the digital alarm.

A Pickup setpoint (1 = ON) ΔT2 Dropout time delay (in seconds)
B Dropout setpoint (0 = OFF) EV2 End of alarm condition
ΔT1 Pickup time delay (in seconds) ΔT3 Alarm duration (in seconds)
EV1 Start of alarm condition    
NOTE: To prevent filling the alarm log with nuisance alarm trips, the digital alarm is automatically disabled if the digital / status input changes state more than 4 times in one second or more than 10 times in ten seconds. In this case, you must re-enable the alarm using the display or ION Setup .

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