SNMP trapping

SNMP trapping allows your meter’s agent to notify the NMS of events with an unsolicited SNMP message (a “trap” of the meter’s alarm event).

SNMP trapping is only supported on SNMP v1.

Supported generic traps

SNMP generic traps supported by your meter are:

  • coldStart: the meter (SNMP agent) is starting, and its configuration may have been altered.

  • warmStart: the meter (SNMP agent) is starting, and its configuration has not been altered.

  • linkDown: there is a failure in the communications link between the meter (SNMP agent) and the NMS.

  • linkUp: the SNMP agent is enabled and the communications link is established.

  • authenticationFailure: the meter (SNMP agent) has received an incorrect community value.

Supported enterprise-specific traps

Your meter sends SNMP traps to the NMS for all high, medium and low priority alarms configured on the meter. The trap includes information about the alarm, such as the alarm label or description, timestamp, state, priority, value of the parameter when the alarm occurred, and the alarm type.

Trap IP addresses

You can enter up to two IPv4 IP addresses for SNMP trap notification.

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