Configuring basic Ethernet settings using the webpages

NOTE: Refer to Restoration of temporarily disabled configuration settings in webpages to know availability of these features on your meter model.

You can use the meter’s webpages to configure Ethernet settings.

  1. Login to the meter webpages.
  2. Based on your meter firmware version, click Settings > Ethernet Settings OR click Settings > Communication > Ethernet Settings .
  3. Modify the Ethernet setup parameters as required.
  4. Click Save changes or Apply Changes to send and save the new settings to the meter.
    Parameter Description
    MAC Address Displays the meter’s factory-programmed MAC address. This information is read-only and cannot be changed.
    IP Address Acquisition Mode

    This controls the network protocol for your device (which the meter uses to obtain its IP address):

    • DHCP: Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

      NOTE: Fully qualified domain names are not supported. The device name is not automatically sent to a DNS server when a DHCP request is sent. In order to use device name instead of IP address, your IT administrator must manually add the device name to the DNS.

    • BOOTp: Bootstrap Protocol

    • Stored: The static value you programmed in the IP Address setup register

    • Default: Uses 85.16 as the first two values of the IP address, then converts the last two hexadecimal values of the MAC address to decimal and uses this as the last two values of the IP address. Example: MAC address = 00:80:67:82:B8:C8, default IP =

    IP Address The Internet protocol address of your device.
    Subnet Mask The Ethernet IP subnetwork address of your network (subnet mask).
    Default Gateway The Ethernet IP gateway address of your network.
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