Firmware upgrade using firmware upgrade tool

NOTE: To know the applicable firmware upgrade method for your meter model with firmware version, refer to table Meter models, firmware versions and firmware upgrade methods.
NOTE: The firmware upgrade process for PM5561 meter models cannot be performed when MID/MIR lock is enabled. You need to remove the MID/MIR lock using the meter display (Refer to Locking or unlocking the PM5561 / PM5661 / PM5761 ) to perform the firmware upgrade process.
NOTE: For this firmware upgrade method to be successful, do not change the file names.
Do not disrupt the auxiliary control power when the firmware upgrade is in progress.
Failure to follow these instructions may result in product being damaged and irrecoverable.

If the meter is connected to network and configured with STATIC IP address, proceed to .

If the meter is connected to network and configured in DHCP mode:

  • Disconnect the meter from the network.

  • Switch the IP method to Stored.

  1. Configure the meter HTTP port number to 80 using the webpage ( Settings > Advanced Ethernet Settings ) or through ION Setup .
  2. Connect the PC directly to the meter and check that the IP domain of the PC is set to same as meter, and that the meter is communicating with the PC (for example, by running a ping test).
  3. Open the Config.csv file which is part of the firmware upgrade tool package.
  4. Modify the Config.csv file in Notepad and enter the meter's configuration in below order without the <> brackets and without any spaces around the commas:
    <IP Address>,<Modbus Slave ID>,<Web-master username>,<Web-master password>,<Product-Master username>,<Product-Master password>
    NOTE: Before saving the Config.csv file, ensure that the file contains only one line text, and the last character of this line is the Product-Master password without space, dot, comma etc.
  5. Save and close the .csv file
  6. Double click the PM5000fwupgrade.exe to open the firmware upgrade tool.
  7. Select File > Open OR click the icon.
  8. Browse and select the updated Config.csv file. The tool displays the details entered in config.csv file. Proceed to next step if the details mentioned as follows match:
    • IP Address (modified in the .csv file)

    • Current firmware version of the meter

    • Product name

    • Status (Example: Firmware upgrade applicable)

    NOTE: If the firmware upgrade tool displays status message other than Firmware upgrade applicable, recheck the connection, meter, and the details provided in config.csv file.
  9. Select Tools > Select Firmware OR click the icon.
  10. Click to browse and select the latest firmware file (.sedp).

    Selected firmware file (VX.Y.Z.sedp) details will be displayed.

  11. Select Tools > Upload Firmware OR click the icon.
  12. A warning message displays. Make sure that you read and understand the message. Select Yes to proceed or No to cancel upgrade process.

    The firmware upgrade process starts. Depending on several factors like network speed etc., the firmware upgrade process of the meter can take about 10 minutes or more.

    After the firmware upgrade process is completed, the status message displays Device upgrade success.

  13. Login to the webpage with the user credentials to find the latest upgraded firmware version in the Home tab under the Device Identification window.
  14. If the error message Device upgrade failed is displayed during the firmware upgrade process:
    1. Delete the downloaded copy of the latest firmware upgrade package from the PC. Download the package from again and retry the firmware upgrade process. If the same issue occurs, contact Schneider Electric Technical Support.
  15. If the firmware upgrade process is interrupted or becomes unresponsive (more than 10 minutes have elapsed since beginning the upgrade process and the meter has not finished the upgrade attempt):
    1. Remove the auxiliary control power to the meter and restore it after 10 s. If the meter powers up normally and is able to establish Ethernet communication, retry the firmware upgrade process.
      If the firmware upgrade process is unsuccessful or if the meter does not power up normally or if the Ethernet communication is not established with the meter, contact Schneider Electric Technical Support.
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