Configuring PM5563 meter for PM5RD device hardware version

NOTE: Refer to Restoration of temporarily disabled configuration settings in webpages to know availability of these features on your meter model.

  1. Connect the PM5RD device to PM5563 meter and power-on the meter.
    NOTE: If the PM5RD device is operating normally, then the instructions in this section are not applicable until you choose to change the connected PM5RD device to another PM5563 meter. If the connected PM5RD device does not display any content with backlight on, then proceed to next step.
  2. Open web browser and enter the meter’s IP address in the address box.
  3. Enter the Username and Password.
  4. Based on your meter firmware version, click Diagnostics > Meter Information OR click Home > Device Identification .
    If the firmware version is lower than 2.7.4, proceed to . If the firmware version is 2.7.4 and above, proceed to .
  5. Refer to Firmware upgrades section under chapter Maintenance to upgrade PM5563 meter to latest firmware version (2.7.4 and above).
  6. Based on the meter model and firmware version, click Settings > PM55x3RD Remote Display OR click Settings > Communication > PM55x3RD Remote Display .

    The PM55x3RD Display Settings window opens.

    The default value displayed in the drop-down field indicates the current hardware version setting for the connected PM5RD device. The hardware version information can be found on the label on back side of the PM5RD device. If you need to change the hardware version setting, proceed to next step.

  7. Select the appropriate hardware version setting from the drop-down list.
  8. After you select the hardware version setting, a warning message displays.
    Make sure that you read and understand the message. Select OK to proceed or Cancel to retain the existing setting.
  9. After the new hardware version setting is selected, select Save changes or Apply Changes. Another warning message displays.
    Make sure that you read, understand and follow the instructions to reduce chances of abnormal operation. Select OK to proceed or Cancel to abort saving changes.
  10. Select OK to see the new setting on the webpage.
  11. Restart the meter for saved changes to take effect, even if display is working after the H/W type change.
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