Data encryption

NOTE: Available only in latest firmware versions:
  • PM5560 / PM5562 / PM5563 / PM5580 meter models: 4.0.0 and above

  • PM5570 / PM5660 / PM5760 meter models: 6.0.0 and above

  • PM5650 meter model: 4.10.0 and above

  • PM5561 meter model: 12.0.0 and above

  • PM5661 / PM5761 meter models: 14.0.0 and above

  • PM5570L / PM5660L / PM5760L meter models: 6.0.0 and above

At Rest

The meter encrypts the user accounts and passwords using SHA-256 and AES-256 cryptography.

The unique key which is dynamically generated during handshake mechanism between server and the web client is used for encryption and decryption. The data that is stored in the meter and configuration settings are not encrypted.

In Transit

The meter uses Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2 for an encrypted, authenticated connection using HTTPS between the server and the web clients.

Only self-signed Schneider Electric certificate is configured automatically.

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