Setting up demand calculations using the display

Use the Demand setup screens to define power demand, current demand or input metering demand.

Demand is a measure of average consumption over a fixed time interval.

  1. Navigate to Maint > Setup .
  2. Enter the setup passcode (default is “0”), then press OK.
  3. Navigate to Meter > Dmd .
  4. Move the cursor to select Power Demand, Current Demand or Input Demand.
  5. Move the cursor to point to the parameter you want to modify, then press Edit.
    Values Description

    Timed Sliding Block

    Timed Block

    Timed Rolling Block

    Input Sync Block

    Input Sync Roll Block

    Cmd Sync Block

    Cmd Sync Roll Block

    Clock Sync Block

    Clock Sync Roll Block


    Select the appropriate demand calculation method for your needs
    1–60 Set the demand interval, in minutes.

    Applies only to rolling block methods.

    Define how many subintervals the demand interval should be equally divided into.

    Select Dig Output


    Digital Output D1

    Digital Output D2

    Select which digital output the end of demand interval pulse should be sent to.

    Select Dig Input


    Digital Input S1

    Digital Input S2

    Digital Input S3*

    Digital Input S4*

    Applies only to input sync methods.

    Select which digital input is used to sync the demand.

    Clock Sync Time
    0 - 2359

    Applies only to clock sync methods (these synchronize the demand interval to the meter’s internal clock).

    Define what time of day you want to synchronize the demand, from the start of the day. For example, set this setting to 0730 to synchronize demand at 7:30 AM.

    *Available in specific meter models. Refer to Features differentiation matrix for PM5500 / PM5600 / PM5700 series for the availability.

  6. Modify the parameter as required, then press OK.
  7. Move the cursor to point to the next parameter you want to modify, press Edit, make your changes, then press OK.
  8. Press Yes to save your changes.
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