Configuring the alarm / energy pulsing LED or digital output for energy pulsing using ION Setup

You can use ION Setup to configure your meter’s alarm / energy pulsing LED or digital output for energy pulsing.

NOTE: The alarm / energy pulsing LED on the PM5561 / PM5661 / PM5761 is permanently set for energy pulsing and cannot be disabled or used for alarms.

  1. Start ION Setup .
  2. Connect to your meter.
  3. Navigate to I/O configuration > Energy Pulsing .
  4. Select the LED or a digital output to configure and click Edit.

    The setup screen is displayed.

  5. Enter a descriptive name for the digital output’s Label.
  6. Configure the other setup parameters as required.
  7. Click Send to save your changes.

    Alarm / energy pulsing setup parameters available using ION Setup

    Parameter Values Description

    LED: Disabled, Alarm, Energy

    Digital output: External, Energy


    • LED is disabled.

    • Alarm sets the LED for alarm notification.

    • Energy sets the LED for energy pulsing.

    Digital output:

    • Energy: associates the digital output with energy pulsing.

    • External: disassociates the digital output from energy pulsing.

    Pulse rate (pulses/kW) 1 to 9999999 When configured for energy pulsing, this defines how many pulses are sent to the LED for every 1 kWh, 1 kVARh or 1kVAh of accumulated energy.

    Active Energy Delivered

    Active Energy Received

    Active Energy Del+Rec

    Reactive Energy Delivered

    Reactive Energy Received

    Reactive Energy Del+Rec

    Apparent Energy Delivered

    Apparent Energy Received

    Apparent Energy Del+Rec

    Select which accumulated energy channel to monitor and use for energy pulsing.
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