Viewing TDD, K-factor and Crest factor data

The meter display provides screens that show TDD, K-factor and Crest factor values.
NOTE: Your meter’s Modbus map includes registers for harmonics data for integration into your power or energy management system.
  1. Navigate to Harm > TDD/K .

    The TDD and K-factor per phase information displays.

    Value Description
    TDD Total demand distortion
    K-F A K factor for phase A
    K-F B K factor for phase B
    K-F C K factor for phase C
  2. Navigate to Harm > Crest .

    The Crest factor information displays.

    IEEE mode IEC mode Description
    V L-L U Crest factor data for line-to-line voltage
    V L-N V Crest factor data for line-to-neutral voltage
    Amps I Crest factor data for current
  3. Press the up arrow to return to the main display screens.
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