Configuring analog inputs using the display

You can use the display to configure the analog inputs.
NOTE: It is recommended you use ION Setup to configure Label details (Analog Input 1 / Analog Input 2), as setup parameters that require text entry can only be modified using ION Setup .
  1. Navigate to Maint > Setup .
  2. Enter the setup passcode (default is “0”), then press OK.
  3. Navigate to I/O > A In and press A In.
  4. Move the cursor to point to Analog Input 1 / Analog Input 2 you want to modify, then press Edit.
    NOTE: If Edit is not displayed, it means the parameter is either read-only or can only be modified through software.
  5. Modify the parameters as required, then press OK.
  6. Press the up arrow to exit. Press Yes to save your changes.

    Analog input setup parameters available using the display





    This can be modified only through ION Setup . Use this field to assign names to the analog inputs.


    0.001 (Default)







    Select the scaling value from the list.


    Refer to Configurable units table

    Select the unit of measurement associated with the monitored value.

    Minimum Value


    The minimum source value that matches the minimum analog input signal.

    Maximum Value


    The maximum source value that matches the maximum analog input signal.

    NOTE: The meter LCD displays a maximum of 5 digits for the Scaled Value of Analog Inputs A1 and A2. If the Minimum Value, Maximum Value, and Scale settings result in a Scaled Value longer than 5 digits, the Scaled Value on the LCD may appear clipped or blank. It is advised to check the sensor's range and units during selection.
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