Ethernet communications

The meter supports Modbus TCP, BACnet/IP, EtherNet/IP, HTTP / HTTPS*, SNTP, SNMP, SMTP, FTP / FTPS*, DNP3 protocols and can communicate at data speeds up to 100 Mbps through its Ethernet communications port.

The meter supports a single IP address between two 10/100Base-T Ethernet ports. The second Ethernet port functions as an Ethernet switch, which allows you to have shorter Ethernet cable runs between the meters without requiring additional Ethernet routers or repeaters. This helps simplify network connections and reduce installation time and costs.

The meter supports a maximum of 128 concurrent TCP/IP connections, that are shared between HTTP / HTTPS*, FTP / FTPS*, Modbus TCP and other TCP/IP protocols.

The meter supports a maximum of three concurrent connections (sessions) using the DNP3 protocol.

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