Configuring input metering using ION Setup

You can use ION Setup to configure the input metering channels.
  1. Start ION Setup .
  2. Connect to your meter.
  3. Navigate to I/O configuration > Input metering
  4. Select an input metering channel to configure and click Edit.

    The Channel Setup screen is displayed.

  5. Enter a descriptive name for the metering channel’s Label.
  6. Configure the input metering parameters as required.
  7. Click Send to save your changes.
    Parameter Values Description

    Use this field to change the default label and assign a descriptive name to this input metering channel.

    Pulse Weight 0 to 99.99999

    Use this field to specify the quantity or value each pulse represents.

    Units No units, Wh, kWh, MWh, VARh, kVARh, MVARh, VAh, kVAh, MVAh, gal, BTU, L, m3, MCF, lbs, kg, klbs, Therm

    Select the unit of measurement associated with the monitored value.

    Rate Varies (based on the units selected)

    For time-based values (such as kWh), this provides the associated demand units (kW) for demand calculations. For other values (such as kg), this can be configured to provide rate information (kg/h).

    Mode Pulse or Transition

    Set Mode to Pulse to count only complete pulses. Set Mode to Transition to count each ON-to-OFF or OFF-to-ON status change.

    Available Inputs / Assigned Inputs Digital input DI1, DI2, DI3*, DI4*

    Select the digital input from the Available inputs box and use the right arrow button to assign the input metering channel to that digital input.

    *Available in specific meter models. Refer to Features differentiation matrix for PM5500 / PM5600 / PM5700 series for the availability.
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