Input Metering Demand

The input metering channels can be used to measure water, air, gas, electric and steam utilities (WAGES).

The number of available metering input channels equals the number of unused digital inputs.

Typical WAGES utility meters have no communications capabilities, but they usually have a pulse output. The utility meter sends a pulse to its output each time a preset quantity or amount of (WAGES) energy is consumed or delivered. This preset quantity or amount is referred to as the pulse weight.

To monitor the utility meter, connect its pulse output to the power meter’s digital input. Associate the digital input for input metering and configure the input metering operation mode, pulse weight, consumption units and demand units.

• See “Digital input setup” on page 72 for details on configuring the digital inputs.

• See “Input metering setup” on page 75 for details on configuring input metering.

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