Configuring input mode tariffs using the display

Use the display to configure input mode tariffs. You can also configure input mode tariffs using ION Setup .

You cannot configure any digital input tariff if digital input 1 is not available for association. Likewise, digital input 2 must be available to select more than two tariffs.

The status of the digital inputs is used to calculate the binary value of the active tariff, where off = 0 and on = 1. The calculation of the number of tariffs value can differ, depending on the number of digital inputs that can be selected (i.e., inputs that can be associated with multi-tariff).

  1. Navigate to Maint > Setup .
  2. Enter the setup passcode (default is “0”), then press OK.
  3. Navigate to Meter > Tariff .
  4. Select Mode and press Edit.
  5. Press + or - to change the setting to Input, then press OK.
    NOTE: If a digital input association error prompt displays, you must exit from the tariff setup screens and remove the digital input association.
  6. Navigate to Tariffs, then press Edit.
  7. Press + or - to change the number of tariffs you want to set up and press OK.

    The maximum number of tariffs that you can apply is determined by the number of available digital inputs.

  8. Navigate to Inputs, then press Edit.

    If applicable, press + or - to change how many digital inputs you want to use to control which tariff is selected (active). Press OK.

  9. Press the up arrow to exit, then Yes to save your changes.
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