EtherNet/IP is the name given to the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP), as implemented over standard Ethernet (IEEE 802.3 and the TCP/IP protocol suite).

EtherNet/IP features overview

The EtherNet/IP and related features are available in firmware version 10.6.3 and above for PM5561 / PM5661 / PM5761 meter models and firmware version 2.5.4 and above for all the other meter models.

The CIP application layer defines a set of application objects and device profiles that define common interfaces and behaviors. In addition, CIP communication services enable end-to-end communication between devices on the different CIP networks.

EtherNet/IP maps the CIP communication services to Ethernet and TCP/IP, enabling multi-vendor interoperability between devices on Ethernet as well as with the other CIP networks.

EtherNet/IP defines two primary types of communications:

  • Cyclical Exchanges (Implicit Exchanges)

  • Messaging (Explicit Exchanges)

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